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Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 10:39:35 PST 2004

--- coastal-request at ansteorra.org wrote:
> Greetings,
> We are anxiously awaiting war!  How do we know where to go for camping once we arrive?  Did you
> manage to get the group from Seawinds a spot to camp together?
> In Service,
> Caitriona
> Seawinds
> "Galen W. Bevel" <galenbv at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
> Below is a somewhat messy list of those who have requested land within the Coastal encampment at
> Gulf Wars.  If you wish to camp with Coastal and do not see your name listed, please send me
> your information ASAP. (Sorry for the formatting, it copied nasty from the database and this is
> all I had time to do right now).
> Thanks, 
> Graf Galen
> Coastal Land Coordinator
> SCA name MundaneName Group
> Anja Tammy Howsman Seawinds
> Apollonia de Avena Wendy Matejek Seawinds
> Brandon Matejek Brandon Matejek Seawinds
> Catriona inghen Mhic Lochlainne Patty Randolph Seawinds
> Charla du Lac Charla Clark Seawinds
> Corrine Drake Beth Ellis Seawinds
> Dan the Artisan Dan Lankford Seawinds
> Henri Du Bois Hank Clark Seawinds
> Isabel Janie Garza Diaz Seawinds
> Jayme Dominguez del Valle Joseph M Percer Seawinds
> Jean Paul de Calmont Paul Thorne Seawinds
> Kenneth Lankford Kenneth Lankford Seawinds
> Lisabetta micola da monte Kimberly Wells Seawinds
> Marcus Cassius Maximus Rick Howsman Seawinds
> Marguerite du Bois Maria Thorne Seawinds 
> Owen Clayton Randolph Seawinds 
> Seanne Tully Penny Sampson Seawinds 
> Talon of Stonebridge Keep Dale Sampson Seawinds 
> William Killian Robert Ellis Seawinds 

Greetings Caitriona
I'm sure Galen will respond to your message, but maybe I can help from what was done in year's
past.  As Galen has posted the list above of Seawinder's, I expect he is planning for you guys to
be camped in the same lands as the rest of Coastal.  

Anyone not on the list above, or confirmed by Galen from those pre-registered as being in Coastal,
will have to check to see if there is space available when they arrive if they want to camp in
Seawinds/Coastal.  If they are not confirmed and set up their tent in Coastal they may be taking
space allocated to someone else who is confirmed and arriving later. Often there is space as some
folks have to cancel, so their land is available, but it's best to check before squatting on land
that may be reserved for someone else.  

Coastal is historically setup at the corner of Queen's Hwy and Riccardo D. Pisa, and down to
Colchester Lane, next to Nova household on the GW map, found at:
At the NE corner of the Camp, should still be found the Loch's permanent stone oven.   For the
last number of years, Stargate and Loch start at the top of the hill next to Queen's Hwy, and I
think Seawinds was camped closer to what looks like Colchester Lane, directly south of the Nova
fence line (there is a real fence), in that sorta triangle shape.  

Don't know if that's Galen's layout for this year within the Coastal region, but that's the
historic setup.  If the first persons from Seawinds who arrive, will setup the Seawinds banner/s,
those arriving late at night will find the right place. 

Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing everyone, 
Cheers, Hillary Greenslade 

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