[Coastal] Word Fame for Loch Guardian

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Mon May 17 01:45:41 PDT 2004


To all those who came to Loch Guardian and helped out, I thank-you.  This
event was wonderful because of your help.  I would also like to give word
fame to some individuals whom I noticed:

Wyllow - my Gate Goordinator and sounding board for the months leading up
to the event
Medb & Mahiri - my Feast Stewards, the food was wonderful
Neassa - she ran my Chivalric list and helped to educate the ladies of the
Ladies Gallery; she also coordinated the feast servers
Lorien - my Lady in Waiting, I stayed sane and very well hydrated because
of her
Nicolette - she designed and coordinated the making of the site and feast
tokens; she also arranged the snacks for the ladies gallery
Everyone who helped make the feast tokens
Phillipe - he created the event books
Coteau - she arranged the wonderful Nobles Lunch
Jason - our Knight Marshall who kept the pas running smoothly and
Maddog, Brousi, Mari, & Katya - they created the beautiful ice chests
Brousi - who also ran the childrens activities
Kaylee & Gavin - the chirurgeons
Giovanna - waterbearer
Niccola & Sara - they created the beautiful award scrolls and added the
names of the champions to them
The previous champions - Niccola, Virgil, Scarheart & Kiera
Leona - she ran the Youth A&S
Brian - he ran the Youth Combat
Iago - he ran the Rapier Class
my Baron & Baroness - thank-you for our support
All those who helped set up the site, who helped take down the site, who
worked gate, who worked in the kitchen, who waterbeared, who hearalded, or
who helped out in other way

This event was wonderful and magically beacuse of these peoples help and
because of others who I have no doubt forgotten.

Thank-you for your help.

Lady Jennette Makepays
A Very Happy Former Event Steward

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