[Coastal] thanks for all the help

R Husted rhusted at mastnet.net
Mon May 17 10:55:36 PDT 2004

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to -everyone- who helped out in the 

a few names stand out who deserve  special mention and thanks
- Mahearra my co steward - I could not (and would not) have done it 
without her.
- Roland my chief dishwasher - the job would have been impossible 
without his constant attendance and good humor.
- My husband and errand boy Mahee - I love you!
- My daughter Alis, who worked as hard as any adult
- Nicolette who helped me me the pie crust on Friday night
- Caitlin bean Ghearailt, who spent all day doing assorted tasks, and 
almost got kicked  out of the kitchen for bad puns
- Tiger of Stargate-  More green beans?
- Leofric who peeled most of the carrots, Thank you for the confidence 
in my ability to pull it off
- Isabeau who stuffed the eggs while I was on lunch break
- Kovac who, pardon the expression, "cut the cheese", all 20 pounds of it
- Eliana  my best friend who I miss very much.
- Jennifer, a newcomer who volunteered her time, I hope you will enjoy 
many more events.
- Lissa  - we could not have organized the preparation of the trays and 
serving so well without her assistance.
- all the Stargate servers thank you for volunteering

and thanks especially to Katya, William, Leofric, Alexis, and several 
others whose names I do not know (or do not remember) who stepped in to 
clean up the considerable mess after feast at the cost of being late to  
the see the performance by the Barons Men.

never again! at least not for a very long time.

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