[Coastal] Melee Practice at UofH

mike dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Wed Feb 2 14:09:44 PST 2005

I suggest we move the melee practice to next Tuesday night. The forecast does not look all that great and as of 2pm at TSU (a few blocks from UofH) it was mighty wet. 

Now that said, Fighters in the Stargate/Loch area, if ya are planning on going to war I strongly urge you to come to the melee practice next Tuesday night. If you have not fought in a while this would be a good time to get that armor on, make sure it still fits and is in good working order. Its a real bummer when ya go to war and find out that kidney belt, helmet, body armor, ect ect fit plus or minus 20 lbs 6 months ago and ya cant fight because of it. Every year I see fighters trying to get armor patched up at war, working on getting it passed. Do that now, dont wait for war. Any straps that look like they might hold generally dont. 

don't forget, Tuesday night Feb.. 8th..UofH Monster Fighter Rally... new spills, chills, and lots of thrills. 

Michael da Capt..  
Defenders of the Coast 

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