[Coastal] Land at Gulfwar..

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I still have not received your early-on information.  Please send it to me
at this address ASAP.

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Subject: [Coastal] Land at Gulfwar..

We now stand at the doorway, of war. The armies of Ansteorra are gathering
for the journey, if it is your desire to march with us... please send me
your information. It does not matter if you were unable to pre-register, I
still want to get you within the coastal encampment at war. We are allowed
only so much land, per group. It may be a bit 'cramped' if I do not recieve
your land request. If you have never been, expect the weather to change on a
whim. Pack for the unexpected. Tarps and Tubs are your friends. 
Some information that I need:
1) SCA/mundane names
2) Tent size w/ropes
3) any children under the age of 18?
4) Date of arrival
5) Pre-registered? y/n
6) Group within the coastal region you wish to camp with., ie> Stargate,
Gates-Edge, Seawinds, Loch Soilleir, Bordermarch...
Please be aware, some extra tent space has been requested.. I will do all I
can. If you are able, please consolidate some of these. 
Passing this along to your groups, is a big help...thanks!
see you at war,

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