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HE Caitrin De Lacy baroness at bordermarch.org
Mon Feb 21 07:47:38 PST 2005

Greetings Coastal Groups,
There has been talk about setting up a meal plan for Gulf War XIV with each group taking turns cooking a dinner one night of the week during the war.

The smaller groups attending could join together to cook a dinner if they don't have very many from their own group attending.

It was discussed that maybe we could see to our own breakfasts and lunches and then maybe on Saturday join together to make lunch/refreshments for the fighters at the field?
I've set up a Yahoo Group were we can discuss this plan. It is called Coastal_Kitchen
This is an open discussion to help us better utilize our time and possibly make our stay at war more relaxing/enjoyable.
As the group gets new members, I will send out messages to let everyone know how the meal plans are going. I've set up a calendar to place each group on the night they are to prepare a dinner. We can then describe what is planned for dinner for each night. This way we will know and be able to plan the other dinners so there will not be any conflicts. 
We can discuss what each group will need in the kitchen such as stoves, tables, pots and pans etc. I will bring the galvanized wash tubs again and the big two burner metal stove to heat the water. I would like to have a water hose that goes into the kitchen area this year, so that we will not have to haul buckets to fill up the wash tubs.
I will be arriving early on Saturday and can get the Kitchen set up. Armand and I will also bring the Common Pavilion with us that we've been using for the last couple of years.

If your group has someone heading up your kitchen for war and you would like your group to join this the coastal kitchen yahoo group then please forward them this message.

HE Caitrin de Lacy
Baroness of Bordermarch

http:/coastal_kitchen-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

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