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Thank you for letting me know...I would have been wondering why no one was getting in touch with me. I resent out the message with the link you sent me. Thank you!!

If you could get a head count of those who are going to War, even those who are not preregistered, this will help. We will need to know the total count for Coastal to be able to do this.

Also, please get with your group and find out with they would like to cook and possible on which night. From reading Armand's lists for Coastal land steward, I count 12 coming from Loch with 10 coming on Monday and 2 on Wed. These are all he has for the pre-reg., I don't know how many that will arrive later from Loch.

I count 19 from Stargate ( Monday-3 ,Tues.-.2 ,Wed.-12.),3 from Seawinds on Monday, 20 from Bordermarch ( 4 early on, Monday-12, Wed.-4) , 8 from Graywood(Monday-5, Tues.-3),14 from Gates Edge( 4 early on, Monday-9, Wed.-1).

Ok this is how it looks so far =     Early On> 8 (Saturday & Sunday) , Monday>42 + 8 = 50, Tuesday>5 + 50 = 55 , Wednesday>19 + 55 = 74                                                     

This is my rough estimate of how I'm interpreting Armand's writing, so I'll get a better count later when Armand gets home from work.

Thanks Again,


Kathy Elliott <kelliott at sjgs.org> wrote:
Your Excellency,
Baron William has asked me to coordinate the food group for the Loch.  However, I will not be arriving at the war until late Tuesday night / early Wednesday morning.  I will be happy to help in any way I can when I arrive, or to send pots, pans, and cooking supplies with someone who will be arriving earlier.
I had trouble with the link in the e-mail below, but I did find the group through the main yahoo groups page.  If anyone else has difficulty, the following link should work for them:
Many thanks,
Katrina of Coventry

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