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Antonello del Bello antonello at integrity.com
Sun Jan 30 10:58:32 PST 2005

Dear friends...

Let me begin by saying what a fabulous event WWC was.  Initial boasting words hoping to greet the autocrat at signon.

As many of you now know, this was my first feast and I thank all of you for your kind words.  I sincerely hope all were satisfied with the quality and quantity.  I was nervous going in, but fears were eased as the day grew on thanks to the mahy who volunteered their efforts to maintain my sanity.  For those who offered kitchen help but were sent back to the masses, rest assured it had nothing to do with your inabilities or my lack of desire to have you near, but rather i had done so much of the prep on friday night that i was left with very little hands on work required for saturday.  Many noticed and even commented that I was out of the kitchen quite a bit during the event, something that is rarely seen.  Reason: watching a chicken turn from white to a golden hue is only so exciting.

A few words to recognize those who actually were put to work...

Lady Lorien, my "head kitchen wench", a hearty 'thank you' to you.  Even though you received verbals and small tokens of appreciation all day long for your constant work, your efforts should not go unrecognized by the populace.  Dish pan hands are no fun and i dont envy you, but you saved me a whole lot of time and energy.  Atop that, you are an awesome nurse, food fetcher, and carrot extractor, not to mention pork seasoner and chicken tier  Couldn't have done it with you!

Lady Kemma, you're souper!  I cant do soup; I thank God you can!  What a talent!  I got more rave reviews on that soup...  thank you for allowing me to delegate that one task to you.  I know you were a busy lady, but i and the entire barony appreciate you and your skills and time.

When I finally called upon someone for aid, Maureen and Malachai came.  Thank you for helping set up the serviing table and for serving the feast to our valued guests.  I cringe at the thought of my not having even considered that task until very late in the day.  It was after 4 before i realized 'oh...servers would be helpful'.

Winter Collegium is now behind us.  It was an incredible learning experience and will not soon be forgotten!
Now it's time to focus on Kingdom Dance in June.  Yet another project...oh my...

Ld Antonello del Bello
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