[Coastal] Coastal Regional Hospitaler Postition Open, applications accepted to June 14th

Ambience ambience at direcway.com
Wed Jun 8 10:58:25 PDT 2005

Well wishes to all,

A big Thank you  to Caitriona for the fine job she's done as Coastal 
Regional Hospitaler.
I will take applications for her position until June 14th.  I will make a 
decision by the end of the
month so there can be a transition at red tape. Thank you to those who have 
already sent
an application, your interest is appreciated very much.


kingdom hospitaler

At 11:04 AM 6/2/2005, Patty wrote:
>Let all know that my warrent as Coastal Regional Hospitaler is up as of 
>this July.  If you are interested in serving the Coastal Region and 
>Ansteorra in this office please send your application to the Kingdom 
>Hospitaler and myself.  Our contact information is located in the Black 
>Star.  Thank you.
>Caitriona  inghen Mhic Lochlainn
>Coastal Regional Hospitaler
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