[Coastal] INFO: Updating US Cell Phone to Improve Connectivity

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Wed Sep 28 07:55:25 PDT 2005

INFO: Updating US Cell Phone to Improve Connectivity Subj: Updating US
Cell Phones to Improve Connectivity

The following list of procedures explains how to update the roaming tables
in US cell phones from the major vendors. All US cell phone users should
update their cell phones once a month. In addition, updating before and
after a severe weather event will help to prevent a loss of cell phone
connectivity if towers required to route calls are damaged. The following
procedures were provided by the vendors.

Verizon: (Our preferred and most-used vendor) On your phone Dial *228 and
then select Option 2. The update will occur.

Cingular/ATT: Procedures vary, so please contact your local vendor
representative/help line to receive specific instructions for your phone.

Sprint: On your phone Dial *2, then wait for voice prompt and speak into
your phone the command, "PRL upgrade." After this, wait for the phone to
upgrade and tell you it is finished.

Nextel: Turn the phone off and leave it off for a few minutes, then turn
it back on.

T-Mobile: On your phone, select Settings, then Network Selection and
select Manual. The phone will attempt to connect to a T-Mobile source. If
there are none available, select Auto and the phone will attempt
connection via another company's cell tower.
US Cell Phone users should contact their vendor if they have questions
about these procedures.

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