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Wed Sep 28 17:09:33 PDT 2005

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> Greetings,
> I am planning to be at practice tonight. This will allow it to be an
> official practice, at least on the Chiv. side.  I just need to make sure
> that there are waiver forms there and someone that can take charge of
> them.
> My Squire Malcolm in staying here in Stargate until he can get back to
> his house in Bordermarsh.  He is also planning on being at practice
> tonight.  Lissa has some things for the kits and will be there also.
> Regards,
> Sir Godwin of Edington
It was too late to reply on Tuesday, by the time I received my digest version of the Stargate post
above (it's now Wedn).   I met a gentleman last week, I think he said his name was Erik, who is
now hear from another kingdom, and fights heavy. He had spoken to Madog, and I believe he was
possibly a marshall, so he may have forms, but the last two fighter practices he said no heavy
fighters had attended.  Hopefully, heavy fighters got to play nice together last night.  
(Rapier fighters were there the last two weeks.)
Cheers, Hillary 

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