[Coastal] Re: [Hou-announce] Everyone OK?

Patrick Callahan dances_with_salmon at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 28 18:19:35 PDT 2005

Sorry Good Gentles, Cleveland, Texas, USA. We live in Ansteorra.  Hurricane 
Rita recently came ashore and did a lot of damage just east of there.  We 
are north of Houston. We are still with out power.

Lost and Confused

Greetings, Power is still out at our place.  We live in Cleveland in the
Southern part of Ravens Fort.  After several hot days and sleepless
nights in our oven like apartment my parents retuned to Katy, part
of Westgate, and that is where we are staying now.  Cold water was
our only luxury for several days. Water was restored all most
immediately.  In all our travels around town after the storm we
found downed lines and the tops of poles across streets, in fields,
etc.  I am not surprised it is talking so long to restore power,
only surprised all the lines went down.  We did not get a very bad
part of the storm.  It looked like any other storm from our window,
but the damage to trees and lines, etc, didn't tend to bear that

Lost and Confused

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