[Coastal] Melee practice UoH

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Fri Aug 25 23:39:41 PDT 2006

For far to long have I not heard the crash of shields on shields, the ring of swords at war, and the soft touch of a spear as it grazes my helmet. 

Tuesday the 29th, of August at UoH. We shall hear all the sounds that make Mundane men Tremble, that make the spouses of the combatants check the insurance policies, and children's eyes and mouths to grow wide with awe... Let us stamp our boots to the familiar commands. Let us stand close in that mighty line that we call the Coastal shieldwall. Let us raise our heads and our hearts in the face of the brutal summer heat.. and as we drink our water laugh at it. 

We are after all, not just Ansteorran We are Coastal Ansteorrans

Centurion Michael. 
and I don't want to hear no sissy talk about mud, or rain, working late, surgery, my feet hurt, or the  ol I had a nose bleed from smellin a thistle..aint gonna hear all that noise
I had not really thought about his, but Neassa brought chips and salsa last week.. thinking it was this week.. well don't be bashful, load up.. I'll eat  hehe. 

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