[Coastal] Melee practice UoH

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Thanks!  Vasilisa
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> For far to long have I not heard the crash of shields on shields, the ring 
> of swords at war, and the soft touch of a spear as it grazes my helmet.
> Tuesday the 29th, of August at UoH. We shall hear all the sounds that make 
> Mundane men Tremble, that make the spouses of the combatants check the 
> insurance policies, and children's eyes and mouths to grow wide with 
> awe... Let us stamp our boots to the familiar commands. Let us stand close 
> in that mighty line that we call the Coastal shieldwall. Let us raise our 
> heads and our hearts in the face of the brutal summer heat.. and as we 
> drink our water laugh at it.
> We are after all, not just Ansteorran We are Coastal Ansteorrans
> Centurion Michael.
> and I don't want to hear no sissy talk about mud, or rain, working late, 
> surgery, my feet hurt, or the  ol I had a nose bleed from smellin a 
> thistle..aint gonna hear all that noise
> I had not really thought about his, but Neassa brought chips and salsa 
> last week.. thinking it was this week.. well don't be bashful, load up.. 
> I'll eat  hehe.
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