[Coastal] BBQ and Lyst wrap up

Dave Wise drwise at houston.rr.com
Wed Jun 28 12:54:59 PDT 2006

Hi all,
It looks like we've settled on a date for a little get together.  While 
the event is still fresh, the plan is to go over what worked and what 
could be improved for the next pas d'armes.  So, what better way then to 
fire up the BBQ and celebrate the holiday weekend to boot.  We'll even 
try and be productive to start the whole thing off with a mini armor 
workshop.  The doors will open at 4:00 for some armoring with the BBQ 
firing up around 6:00.  We'll follow the usual plan, which is to say we 
don't need no stinking plan!  I'll have burgers and dogs going, everyone 
else bring something to share.  After pretending to get some work done, 
we'll crack out the margarita's or beverage of choice.

Where:  My house, directions below.
When :  This saturday, July 1st starting around 4:00
Why:  Been awhile since the blender was put to use.
Info:  If you need additional info, shoot me an email or give me a call.
Note:  You're welcome to bring the kiddos, but remember you'll need to 
watch them.  I thump on mine when they get out of line, I'll thump on 
you if  yours get out of line :-P

See folks on saturday.


 From Beltway 8:
Take Beltway 8 east to Hwy 35, make a right to go south on Hwy 35 past 
FM 518 (Broadway), continue south another 3.2 miles to Dixie Farm Road 
(Texaco on the left corner).  Make a left onto Dixie Farm Rd. and go 
about a mile to Hastings-Friendswood (right only).  It will go about 1/3 
mile and make a forced left hand turn.  You will go about 1/2 mile and 
the house will be on the left.

If you prefer to come down I-45, take the Dixie Farm Road exit [also 
marked as F.M. 1959] and go west (right).  It will go about 6 miles 
until you cross FM 518 (Broadway) (there is a Home Depot and Wal-mart at 
the intersection).  Go about a mile and make a left turn on Westfield.  
Then, go two blocks to the stop sign and make a right.  This will put 
you onto C.R. 391, but it isn't marked.  You will go about 1/4 mile and 
the house will be on the right.

The house is a gray brick two story with a brick mailbox out front and a 
circular driveway.  The street address is 2231 C.R. 391.  The number at 
the house is 281-482-3294.  The driveway also goes around the back, 
which is where people usually park (the pasture is behind the house).

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