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*Loch Soilleir Yule 2006
December 16, 2006
League City United Methodist Church
1411 W. Main St.
League City, TX 77573

It is the time of year when we all reflect on the past and look forward to
the future.  Dreams and fables are remembered and new traditions begun in
the winter months of the year.  Surround yourself with friends and the
warmth of laughter and children's glee…
The Loch extends it warmest wishes to the entire Kingdom and we hope to see
you December 16th!  Merry New Year and Happy Holidays!

Loch Soilleir joyfully invites you to enjoy the spirit of the season at
our annual Yule Party!
This year the theme is BLACK AND BLANK!


 **Period Golf
Just like mini golf only the "club" is a sword.  Everyone keeps their own
score and the person in charge takes the scorecards.  You count the strokes
until you get the ball in the cup.  Low score wins!

**Annual Boar Hunt
The boar hunt is a game that lets people throw a spear at a person (the
boar) and if they miss or don't make a "kill" shot the boar gets to chase
them out of the circle.  If the boar gets to them before they get out of the
circle they are dead and get no points.  High score wins!

Iron Bard Competition
The competitors have a set amount of time to write a piece. The pieces are
performed during feast.   The winner is usually chosen by public applause.

**Costume Contest
Best use of the theme in their garb: winner is chosen by the Baron and

Dessert Competition
Best use of theme in a dessert (can be period or modern nothing extra for
period but it makes it more fun) winner is chosen by a group (the kids,
newcomers, knights that are present etc.) that will be designated that day
by the event steward.

 **Table Setting Competition
Just like costume and dessert contests (best use of theme) and the judges
are chosen just like the dessert contest.

Heraldic Scavenger Hunt
This is a new contest this year.  Everyone is encouraged to bring out their
regalia and display it for all to see.  A scavenger hunt sheet will be made
and printed up after everyone is done setting up.  Points will be awarded
according to how much and what is found (more details the day of)…highest
score wins!

**Other Activities:

 **A "Gentle" Hunt
This is an informational scavenger hunt.  Geared toward the younger set the
adults are more than welcome to participate. This is great fun for new
comers as well as it allows you to get to know the gentles in the group.
The only prize here is fun and perhaps a new acquaintance or two…

**Toy Donation
As a thank you to the church for allowing us to use their facilities…we
would like to collect toys for their children's charity they sponsor each
year at Christmas.  Please allow the Holiday Spirit to move you to donate a
toy or two to this worthy cause.

Bring your Christmas stocking (especially the kiddos) to hang.  Each year we
all bring stocking stuffers (period games are great) to fill everyone's
stockings…the kids love it (and so do many of us "taller kids")!

Music and Dancing
Many times we have several of the Kingdom's most talented musicians in
attendance and for a small fee (say a chocolate or two) they are more than
happy to provide the music for the populace to dance to…it is a merry time

**Chivalric and Rapier Pickup Rounds
What would an SCA event be without a little fighting?  Bring your gear and
beat the Holiday Spirit into your best friends!

Children's Activities
HL Rhiannon will be coordinating the children's activities at our party.
She has several special ideas in mind, so bring the youth of our Stellar
Kingdom along and let the whole family enjoy the festivities!
*Feast and Lunch:*
*In the afternoon we will have a potluck sideboard luncheon.  This luncheon
is separate from feast and not included in any fees.  If you would like to
partake in the sideboard please bring at least one dish (don't forget to
label your container!)  that will feed at least four to five people.  *
*Feast that night will be prepared by Lord Fergus and m'lady Fridemunt.  The
menu is forthcoming and promises to be delightfully delicious!  Feast space
is limited so contact the feast steward with your reservations today!

Site and Fee Information:
This site is smoke free and dry.  Service animals only please!  Enclosed
flames only!  Site fee is $5.00 for everyone 6 years and older.  Please make
checks payable to Barony of Loch Soilleir, SCA, Inc.  Feast is limited to
the first 60 people and is $5.00 a person for everyone six years and older.
For reservations or any questions about allergies or ingredients please
contact the feast steward!  For any other questions or concerns please
contact the event steward.

Event Seward:*
*Herrin Hedwig von Luneborg*
*(Melissa Carter)*
*lochherald at gmail.com* <lochherald at gmail.com>
*(281) 464-7433 (no calls after 10:00 PM)*
* *
*Feast Steward:*
*Lord Fergus Stout*
*(Scott Bellentine)*
*fergusstout at houston.rr.com* <fergusstout at houston.rr.com>
*713-502-0384 (no calls after 10:00 PM)*



Herrin Hedwig

Ich bin NICHT eine Eule! *

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