[Coastal] Ansteorran Middle Eastern Dance Championship ~ 2006

trisha marlowe sillyzills at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 27 15:07:23 PDT 2006

Greetings and Kind Wishes to you All,
    It is just 3 weeks until this year's Ansteorran Middle Eastern Dance 
Championship and there is still plenty of time to prepare!!  Musicians - 
come showcase your talents for our beautiful dancers! Dancers - come show 
the populace of Ansteorra your wonderful dance skills at one of the most 
memorable events of the year ~ Bordermarch Autumn Melees (November 16th - 
20th) near Beaumont, TX.
Go to www.bordermarch.org/Melees for information, location, etc.
Official War Practice, Chivalric and Rapier Melees, Classes & MOC 
Activities, Championships in Equestrian & Bardic, Feasting, Revelry and 
Merchants - Oh, my!!

Go to www.sillyzills.com for more information about the competition, pics of 
last year's competitors and a sneak peek of this years legendary largess for 
our dance champion and runner-up. The website has been updated to include my 
documentation from last year.

Check out this month's Blackstar for information about documentation 
provided by HL Rhiannon Ni Bryan Mac Laughton.

Here are a few links about documentation within the SCA to assist you with 
your research:


Hope to see you there!!
    is-salaam galakum!
        Lady Tareija

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