[Coastal] Parking at UH for Tuesday SCA practices

Jakl, Scott scott.jakl at lmco.com
Mon Oct 30 15:48:07 PST 2006

The shocking news:
Apparently we have been in violation of UH parking policy for the last 8
years and been darn lucky we haven't been ticketed.
The bottom line:
1.)  Normally lot 13A requires a permit prior to 8pm, but per recent
discussion with the UH Parking Director ticketing will not be enforced
after 7pm on Tuesdays.  (We can now park after 7pm).  This is a special
favor to the SCA.
If you park in lot 13A PRIOR to 7pm you risk getting a parking citation
(currently a $23 fine if paid in 48 hours, $43 otherwise).  If you
arrive a few minutes early you're probably ok as long as you stay with
your vehicle (but I'm not paying your fine if you get a ticket.)
2.)  There are no fees for parking at a parking meter after 6pm, this is
normal campus policy.  There are some meters in lot 13A, but they are on
the far side of the lot from where we practice.  If you arrive at
practice prior to 7pm please park at a meter (if one is available).
3.)  Hope to see you folks there tomorrow night.  Feel free to bring me
candy or cookies.  :)  Happy Halloween.
The gory details (so you all don't ask me about it later...)
Last week (Tuesday October 23rd) we had a small problem related to
parking at UH.  It turns out that lot 13A requires a permit until 8pm
(not 6pm as some of us believed).  Campus parking officers arrived
around 7:30 to enforce this rule and ticketed one of our members.
Some folks spoke to the officers before I realized what was going on.
Ulsted arrived at practice shortly after I began speaking with the
officers.  We explained that we've been here 8 years and never had any
problems.  They called their superiors to check for any notices or
waivers that would allow us to park there, but none were on record in
the parking office or campus police department.  The officers were
instructed to ticket any violators.  The officers provided contact
information to us so we could go about resolving the issue for the
By this time it was about 10 or 15 minutes to 8pm (when we are allowed
to park without a permit).  We began to gather our things and drive to
McDonalds.  The officers said they would not issue tickets to an
attended vehicle since it was so close to 8pm.  So we all sat in/near
our vehicles for a few minutes and then resumed practice.
I contacted the UH Director of parking and explained what had happened,
who we were, how long we've been there, and asked for his help in
finding a solution.  He offered to instruct the parking officers to
suspend ticketing for permits at 7pm in lot 13A on Tuesdays.  He also
agreed to waive the citation that was issued.  In short, he was very
understanding and cooperative.
If there's any questions or something important I neglected, please drop
me a line (privately if possible).
Tristan von Heidelberg
Seneschal of Loch Soilleir

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