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We just did research about this but for a local event. If anyone wants the 
word doc let me know and I will forward it along with the name of the 
contact that did it for us.

Just to give you an idea of what it will cost:

Base Rental:

   40'X60' Pole Tent:                  $1560


**60'x60' 1-Pole Tent:               $1872

Walls:                                      incl$300-360 (dep on sz)

Delivery/Retrieval:                    $375

This was for a four day rental in Texas. Godwin would have better numbers 
for Gulf Wars though as he was the one that arranged the yearly rental of 
the one that was set up for us on the Ansteorra land.


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> Greetings unto the Populace of the Coastal Regions of
> Ansteorra!  Please let My voice be heard through out
> the Region!  (Please cross post, thanks!)
> First, I would like to thank Bordermarch for bringing
> their big pavilion to War and allowing us to use it.
> It provided a place to cook, eat, and socialize.
> But...
> (yep, there it is...)
> The pavilion that they brought took up a lot of
> trailer space and set an extra cost in fuel to bring
> it to War.  I do not feel it is right to ask them to
> bear that kind of burden year after year.
> So, what can we do as an alternative?
> One suggestion is to rent a Pavilion.  That way the
> Company comes in and sets it up before we get there
> and takes it down after we leave.  Everyone chips in
> for the rental.  It would be a continuing expense, and
> the Land Steward would have to see to the rental and
> fund collection.
> The second idea would be to put in a permanent
> structure, like a pole barn.  It would have to be
> privately funded and would take some time to
> construct, and we would have to get the Site Owners
> permission to build it.  Once built though, it would
> take a minimum amount of funds for upkeep.
> So, what shall we do?  What is your opinion?  Either
> send your reply to the Coastal list or me directly.
> Thanks
> William
> Coastal Land Steward
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