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Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 07:17:12 PDT 2007

30X30 tent = $700/year rental.

So over a 10 year time span, that's $7,000 dollars. Assuming no
inflation....With inflation, that's probably closer to $10,000 in 10 years.
hmmmm. Plus tents leak, are drafty, and the ones that get rented look more
like circus than like something really period.

Don't get me wrong, they are great to get in out of the weather in...Plus it
is an on-going yearly expense with no end in site. Companies can disappear
and your source dry up. Scrambling to find a new provider can be a chore.
With a break-down in communication from year to year which can happen with
all to frequent regularity means missed connections and not getting it
rented in time.

Hmmmm.....Plus 30 X 30 isn't all that big when you are asking 3 or 4 groups
(Loch, Stargate, Gatesedge, Bordermarch and possibly now Seawinds) to use it
for an evening meal with a kitchen set up. I don't think a 30 X 30 would be
big enough, so we would probably have to rent a bigger tent at more expense.
We would have to have someone in charge of collecting the money. Would we
have to have a separate bank account for this? Would it come under SCA
scrutiny? What if we don't quite have enough people to cover the cost? Who
makes up for the difference?

Advantages of a rented tent, we don't have to haul it, set it up nor take it
down. As long as we can come up with the extra cash each year (make it $10
per person), it will be there. Also, if we ever move from this particular
place, the tent can follow us to where ever we go.

Advantages of a permanent structure, we don't have to haul it, set it up nor
take it down. Once its up, its paid for. Can be made to look really period
spiffy. Can build permanent trestle tables and benches so not to have to
haul tables every year. Might be able to build a permanent oven or fire pit
in the kitchen area. People could take shelter there in really bad storms.
It would more than likely be able to be made warmer than a tent.

Disadvantages of a permanent structure is upkeep and initial cost (probably
close to what 10 years of tent rental would cost if we went with a pole
building [ 7 to 10 thousand], guessing half of that if we did tire
construction) and (possibly) getting enough volunteers with enough time to
build it. Can't follow us to a new place. Won't happen by next year unless
we can get a minimum of 70 people to donate 10 bucks each plus donate their
time. Someone has to be in charge of collecting, keeping track of the cash
and keeping the Society happy. Someone else has to direct construction and
organize crews.

We have to ask ourselves this question....Is a permanent structure worth the
initial cost, time and effort to use it once a year for a single week (or a
week and a half if you are early on)???

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