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I know Seawinds is looking into making new tabbards for war.

We were thinking about coping the blue and red of the coastal tabbards but putting the Seawinds device within the blue and the Ansteorran star on the red.

Just throwing out thoughts.


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Forgive my lack of details, the fog of years has made swiss cheese of my memory 
  There was a meeting for an event that was going to be held jointly between the 
Coastal's groups and this very idea had come up.
  The proposed tabard was soemthing along the lines of:
  Sable, an incresent Or in chief embattled Or 3 mullets of 5 greater and 5 
lesser points sable
  My apologies if I slaughtered the blazon....voice heraldry is my thing. Anyway 
laymans terms...
  A black sheild with a gold cresent moon that looks like the Texas coast and at 
the top a gold bar embattled (ummm think caslte crennelations) with 3 Ansteorran 
  I think this would be a great tabard for the Army of the Coast. You will 
definately know we are Ansteorran and from the coast.
  Just my 2 pounds Sterling
  Malcolm MacLean

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