[Coastal] Seawinds presents the Enchanted Forest Renfair Demo

Gavin MacGiollaRua ldgavin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:33:05 PST 2008

*The Shire of Seawinds*

* *

*Extends an invitation to the populace of Ansteorra to help us as we once
again  participate in our annual demo at the*

*Enchanted **Forest** Renfair at Live Oak Park in Ingleside.*

*December 13th and 14th*

* *

*We will be showcasing all aspects of the SCA and request your help with the

*Chivalric and Rapier Combat        Arts & Science exhibits/demos*

*Equestrian games and Jousting     Siege weapon demonstrations*

*Archery and Thrown Weapons Demos   Bardic,  Music and Dance*

*        **Heralds for field heraldry and announcements, Waterbearers,

*Period Pavillions and Banners*

*As you can see there is something for everyone!*

*  *

*Now you ask, "how will I benefit from participating in this wonderful
demo???"  Well….*

*Free Admission to the Renfair,  Free Camping, and the very best part:*

*Seawinds will feed all participants ALL weekend. AND…*

*The Shire will be hosting a revel Saturday night with drumming, dancing,
fellowship and fun, fun, fun*

* ***Please note all participants must register to get free admission****

*To register please email the Autocrat at ldgavin at gmail.com *

*For more detailed information on this demo,  please visit our website at:

*Renfair's website: www.renfaireingleside.org*

* *


*Lrd Gavin MacGiollaRua ldgavin at gmail.com 361-244-6109*
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