[Coastal] Ingleside Ren Faire Registration

Gavin MacGiollaRua ldgavin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:03:10 PST 2008

It is imperative if you are even thinking of coming down to support the demo
to email me the names of the individuals coming by the 10th so I can put you
on the list to get in the gate free.  It would also help in planning the
meals for the weekend.
Thanks again for your support,

Gavin MacGiollaRua
Ren Faire Autocrat
ldgavin at gmail.com

Tentative Schedule

Saturday / Sunday

11:00   Gate Opens
11:15   Trebuchet
11:30   Procession
12:00   Jousting
12:30   Trebuchet
  1:00   Chivalric
  1:30   Black Smith Demo
  2:00   Trebuchet
  2:30   Equestrian Games
  3:00   Wedding / Trebuchet
  3:30   Wedding / Chivalric
  4:00   Procession
  4:30   Jousting
  5:00   Closing Activities
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