[Coastal] Stargate's Sunday Tourney in the Park

Jerry dreifuerst at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 22:55:40 PDT 2008

Greetings fellow medieval combat enthusiasts,

Wow!  Last Sunday's Tournament was awesome.  Eight tough fighters wrestled
for the win in the Armored list while seven trigger-clad swashbucklers duked
it out in a swiss five styled match with epees, rapiers, schlagers and
blades as such.

Sir Alexis la Bouche of the Loch swept the Chivalric list with no losses
while Don Robin of Gilwell went undefeated on the Rapier side.  Both were
gifted by beautiful feast baskets given by Lady Maureen Falkner and her kind
Canton of Westgate, the sponsors of this month's contest.

There were combatants from across the kingdom, however Gerrold Von
Drachenhohle made the longest trip, having come to the Stargate from the
Shire of Black Lake.  Thanks also to the contingency from the Steppes,
especially Baroness Alice who help pen the final names on our winners'

Our next Sunday Tourney in the Park is scheduled for July 27th, the Sunday
after Crown Tournament.  So after you win the Crown List, plan on
high-tailing it back here on Sunday for a 3 pm Sunday Tourney with
inspection beginning at 2.

We're still searching for the right sponsor for this month's tourney, so if
you're a noble looking to spread word of your great largess, contact your
favorite Knight Marshal, Othar Morganson, for details.

Remember to drink lots of water provided by "volunteers only," nudge, nudge
wink, wink.  Wouldn't want to get on the BOD's bad side.

See you Sunday at the Park for Fighter Practice and Training. Training to
make it right, practicing to make it permanent.

In service to Baron and King,
Othar Morganson, Stargate Knight Marshal

Full plate and packin' steel!
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