[Coastal] Loch Sollier Chivalric Fighter Practice

John Cooney jc at xephius.com
Wed Jul 23 15:21:49 PDT 2008


	I would like to 2nd what Alden is saying... Everything holds true.

	BTW Wissa. If you can't make a practice and need to have a backup  
martial show up, just twist my arm. It just gives me another reason I  
should truck on down...


	We should talk about carpooling. I have a van, and Treon works with  
me, so that makes three fighters that _should_ be going every Tuesday.  
Peer pressure works.

	Costal KM

On Jul 23, 2008, at 9:32 AM, Alden Drake wrote:

> 1. Do we want to move practice down to the Loch
> 2. Do we want to keep it at the same time?
> 1. I don't want to move the location.  If it moves further south, I  
> won't be likely to make it anymore as I'm coming down from Gate's  
> Edge.  It will become cost/time prohibitive for me at that point.   
> I've been making more of an effort to come down to the Tuesday  
> practice at UofH on a regular basis.  What makes me more inclined to  
> go to the Tuesday night practice are the knights who show up and  
> teach.
> 2. Tuesdays aren't the best night for me, but I can make it.  My  
> choice would be for Thursday, since I don't have to be totally awake  
> at work on Friday, but I know that competes with another practice  
> that most of the knights (teachers) who come out on Tuesday attend.   
> If it moves to a Sunday practice, it will compete with Stargate's  
> practice (as well as Gate's Edge, Shadowlands, and Raven's Fort),  
> which will make it difficult for anyone who would like to practice  
> more than once a week (which I'm hoping to do after the summer).
> I doubt there's a win-win solution, but I would recommend that if  
> you want to try a Loch practice at a different time/location, run it  
> in addition to the UofH practice to start and see what kind of  
> participation it gets.
> ~Alden
> Wissa Bear wrote:
>> Greeting to the Populace,
>> For a few months we have been talking about changing the Loch  
>> Chivalric Fighter Practice.  We currently hold our fighter practice  
>> on Stargate Lands on Tuesday nights.  The practice is often not  
>> well atteneded, and when it is, there are mostly fighters from the  
>> loch.  There has been talk  of moving the practice closer to where  
>> more of the loch populace lives.  There are two main reasons for  
>> this that I see.  One is that with practice closer to home, it will  
>> make attending practice easiler and less expensive for our  
>> members.  The second reason is recruitment.  We are not going to  
>> add any members to our populace if our only public event is a  
>> fighter practice held in stargate.  Even stargate does not get  
>> recruitment from this practice, and has started a Sunday practice  
>> at Memorial Park.  Also when we do get new memebers to our populace  
>> meetings, we then tell them to get to fighter practice, its 30  
>> miles away.
>> Next, the day of the week. People's lives are busier than ever.  If  
>> we move the practice to a local park, most likley we will be kicked  
>> out by 10pm.  That would get us all home at a decent hour (which  
>> would be a nice change).  Our other choice, would be to start a  
>> practice on Sunday like stargate has done.  For recuirtment we  
>> would have more face time with the public, since more people use  
>> the parks on weekends than weekdays.  Also we wouldn't have as many  
>> people running home from work, then having to rush out again that  
>> evening for practice.  The down side to moving the day its held if  
>> that most of the current fighters have Tuesday night carved out of  
>> their schedule for fighting.  Also the other day I've mostly heard  
>> suggested is Sunday, so getting home from events in a hurry would  
>> be a new concern.
>> There are two questions to be answered:
>> 1. Do we want to move practice down to the Loch
>> 2. Do we want to keep it at the same time?
>> I'm currently activly seeking opinions on this issue.  I know there  
>> are opnions out there, I've heard some.  Wissa
>> Loch Sollier Knight Marshall
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