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John Hirling jhirling at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 08:10:15 PDT 2009

I, Ihon, Baron of Stargate do send to my once esteemed cousin, William
Wescot of Welewen, Baron of Loch Soilleir greetings

Surprise and consternation coloured receipt of your most recent ambassadors:
surprise that you would seek to deflect your own misfeasance by suggesting
that our person had besmirched the good Sara Penrose, a person of whom we
have only the greatest regard, heretofore, exceeded only by our regard for
you among our neighbors; consternation that concurrent with the return of
your strangely militant emissaries, our own shepherd has gone missing.

Because you seem reluctant to acknowledge your fault or make good on your
obligations, you leave us small alternative.

Perhaps I misunderstand your intent.  Therefore, I invite you and such
retinue that you can secure to meet us at the Faire celebrating 30 years of
the White Scarf in the forest clearing of Camwood near the village of
Hockley, that we might pursue this matter tête à tête on the days of 17-19
April, with an eye toward resolving our dispute if possible.
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