[Coastal] Confused and Dismayed

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Tue Apr 14 17:41:56 PDT 2009

Unto My Noble and Good Cousin Ihon, Baron of Stargate, do I,  William, Baron of Loch Soilleir send My Wishes for Good Health and Prosparity!

After receiving Your recent missive, I find Myself not only dismayed but confused by Your Words.

Your continued suggestions of fault on Our Part in this issue is disturbing, especially in light of the evidence of the unusual actions of your sheep herders as I have previously related.

As for Your current words of great reguards for Our Shepherdess Mistress Sara Penrose, I would remind You of Your previous missive in which these words were found "lack of supervision by Your Shepherdess".  Did I misunderstand Your Words?

As for the conduct of the Loch's ambassadors, I can only say that their manners maybe a reflection of the way they were received.  From their report, they were treated more like criminals than Our Emmissaries.  Their ill treatment perhaps colored their behaviour.  But, then again, perhaps You are not aware of the actions of those who initially received Our Emmissaries.  

We have no knowledge of the whereabouts of your shepherd.  Have you checked the Taverns with in your Barony?  Perhaps the long and lonely hours addled his brains and he has just wondered off.

And once again I would say that We are only looking for the compensation that is both normal and customary.

I look forward to to further discussions with you this weekend at the Faire.


Loch Soilleir


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