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Thu Feb 19 10:12:57 PST 2009

To William Wescott of Welewen,  Baron of Loch Soillier

>From Ihon Vinson macFergus, Baron of Stargate

It is with heavy heart that I write for, heretofore, you held claim to my
esteem.  In truth, I deemed you a most honourable and commendable neighbour.
When word came to us last St Edmund's day of Ramyowe's 'tryst' with our fair
Ewelyet,  occasioned by the lack of supervision of your shepherdess, one
would have been hard put to convince me of your complicity.

We were willing to overlook the matter, owing to our longstanding
friendship, though the twin offspring fall short of our pure black
standards.  Now, we are led to understand that you claim compensation for
Ramyowe's wandering either in coin or in one of the lambs.  Honour  will not
permit it.  You well understand the import of his misdeed.  We shall retain
possession of these black and white lambs, albeit tainted, and for our part
demand recompense for Ewelyet's loss of consortium.
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