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Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 22 16:24:16 PST 2009

Unto my Good Cousin, Ihon Vinson macFergus, Baron of Stargate, do I, William Wescot of Welewen, Baron of Loch Soilleir send My Greetings and Regards.
I must admit that I am dismayed by the tone of your most recent missive.  
Firstly I would defend Her Excellency, Mistress Sara Penrose, Our Shepherdess and Keeper of the Loch Flock, Whose honor Your Words would seem to besmirched.  She has never been less that diligent in performing her duties.  She has performed Her duties well and has Our full support.  I would remind You that Mistress Sara was the one that reported the initial incident and, I might add, well before your sheep herders.
It is well known that the Loch's Flocks do spend parts of the year in the meadows of the northern borders of Loch Soilleir so that the cooler weather will improve their fleece and what that schedule is.  I would find it hard to explain why Your sheep herders would have moved Stargate's flock to Your southern borders, against traditional practices.  One would have to wonder about the diligence of those who You entrust with the welfare your sheep. 
If I was not sure of Your Honor and Integrity, I would wonder if  this was not something done in a deliberate manner so that Stargate's flock would receive the benefit of the Loch Flock's well known bloodlines.  However, I also would not cast blame on either Ramyowe or Ewelyet as an originator of this event.  For after all, they were just following the Laws that Nature has given to all the Beasts of the Fields.
As for the request for for compensation, We seek only what is normal and customary for services rendered by a ram in improving the bloodlines of another flock.   
As for Your claim of a loss of consortium, I would submit that had Your rams been doing their job properly, Ewelyet would have not been in a position to consort with Ramyowe.  


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