[Coastal] words of praise

mike dowdy mdowdy999 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 23 15:36:08 PDT 2009

I, Michael of Gravesend come before you the mighty Coastal Region of Ansteorra.


At this past Gulf Wars I saw many great deeds, acts of heroism, and such, such heart from the fighters of the Coast. You showed all that fought with us and those against us our metal. We brought home the  Ansteorrian War Banner. Charge after charge we came at them, again and again. You will remember forever the phrase "just one more time". I said it, you said it, again and again. Our numbers were small, yet we drew our foes reserve time and again. We found holes in our lines and without orders, simply filled them. I saw fire and lightning from those that stood with me. I saw heart that was unmatched at the war. We at that war earned the respect of all those that fought with us or that faced our reslove to overcome what was set before us.  


You have made me very proud to be your commander. You have done so very well. I salute you, I thank you. None could have asked more of you, and yet you did just that. 


The War Banner will fly at a day in Ravensfort. Let us stand together again on the battlefield. Let all who come at us see the fire, the lighting, the courage, and the heart... such heart that won that flag, your flag. 



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