[Coastal] Archery at Stargate/Loch Baronials

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Sat Apr 2 19:51:05 PDT 2011

Greetings unto the Stellar Populace of Ansteorra! 
Upon the splendid fields of Coastal Ansteorra this April 19th,  the Archery 
Champions of the Baronies of Loch Soilleir and Stargate will be  
determined.  Come and test your  mettle against the best our Kingdom has to offer, vie 
for either Barony or both  if you desire.  Rest assured your  skills will 
be tested no matter if you be a crossbowman or handbowman.   
We have several ends designed to test your skills against a variety of  
targets, i.e. wreaths, string shoot, animals and even a Combat Archery round to 
 make sure our Champions can defend no matter what the field of battle may  
be.  The Combat round will require  that you have combat legal 
bow/crossbow, ammo, head and hand appropriate armour  (be that rapier or heavy weapons 
forms).  There will be limited loaner gear available so please make 
arrangements  with us prior to showing up. 
We look forward to seeing the best Ansteorra has upon the fields of glory  
that our gracious hosts are providing.   
Lord Padraic of Kilkenny & 
David of Gate’s Edge
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