[Coastal] Lad identity at Pre-registration

Galen Bevel grafgalen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 16:26:48 PST 2011

Greetings Coastal Army,

I am certain that the vast majority of you have already sent in your
pre-registration for Gulf War XX (right?  right?  Don't make me come over
there.)  For those of you who have not we have a request to make things a
bit easier for the staff.  When listing who you are camping with, please
make it as short as possible, but start with the kingdom name, then which
ever group you may be camping with.  Thus if you are camping with
Shadowlands, you would simply list "Ansteorra - Shadowlands"   or "Ansteorra
- Bordermarch" for that good Barony.  At most, it might be
"Ansteorra-Coastal-Loch"  Be sure to always start with the Kingdom name
first, then the group and do not add any more details than necessary.

Thank you , and I now return you to your regularly scheduled
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