[DFT] Fresh for Elfsea populace

Thora Olafsdottir thoraolafsdottir at juno.com
Mon Jul 22 20:48:05 PDT 2002

Well Ailgenan and I were finally able to get to an Elfsea populace
meeting like we said we would start doing months ago.  Here is what we

MARSHALLING CLASSES!!!!!  August 3rd,  Central Regional Joint Practice
hosted by Ravensfeld (sp?).  Hawkins, Texas.  Site fee $2.00 paid to site
owner.  Camping available $3.00 per person.  Marshalling classes all
levels followed by practice.  More information on the way.  Watch for
Ansteorra Announce messages from Raimond between now and August 3rd.

Lughnasa  ATTENTION >>>>KNIFE, AXE, AND SPEAR.  Lord Karrick said that he
will be bringing targets and that those involved in that event need to
worry about targets.  Lord Karrick said to contact him with any questions
about the targets.  He is Archery Marshall for Elfsea or Loch Rudh and
said his contact information on the site is current to this date.

Fools Revel,  August 25th. Theme is "Rain and Mud" as they were rained
out previously.  Bardic competition, dessert competition and King of
Fools competition.  To be held at the Lake Arlington Community Center.

Defender.  There are only two camps to speak up for the culture camps
competition. Scottish and Norse.  If you would like to have another
culture camp please contact the Autocrat.  A Hall Decoration Coordinator
is needed for setting up the hall for feast and court.  A Laurels Circle
has been added to the schedule as has a Kingdom auction or old Kingdom
regalia and a TRAILER.  Trailer is 5' x 9' covered.

An autocrat for Baronial College is needed.  Contact the Barony Seneschal
if interested.

Offices open....
Chronicler  bids close in one month
Chiurgeon....closing date not stated at meeting
Minister of Children...closing date not stated at meeting.

Elfsea will be submitting a bid for Known World Heraldic Symposium.
Something was stated about it being a backup bid.

Elfsea considering bidding for Crown Tourney in June 2003 ( I think they
said June)

In news of populace travels .... over this weekend some Orders were
closed.  Those closed were....

Order of the Motley Sash
Order of the Queen's Ring
Order of the Vine Staff
Order of the Crown's Favor

That's all I was able to pick up as we arrived late.

Good evening good gentles,


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