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> The 21st Century Chivalric Ideal
> By Scott Farrell
> ©2002 Shining Armor Enterprises
> www.ChivalryToday.com
> In the year 1431 a writer by the name of Diaz de Gamez wrote a
> chronicle
> describing the life of the Castilian nobleman, Count Pero Nino. The
> chronicle was called "The Unconquered Knight." As part of this
> document,
> Gamez recorded his thoughts on the ideals of knighthood and the Code
> of
> Chivalry.
> Although portions of this essay are specific to medieval life, many of
> the writer's concepts of virtue and honor are just as appropriate
> today
> as they were in the 15th century. Here, then, is a slightly updated
> version of Gamez's "The Chivalric Ideal" for knights in shining armor
> of
> the 21st century:
> Now it is fitting that I should tell what it is to be a knight; what
> things are expected of a knight; and why someone who lives by the Code
> of Chivalry is worthy of great respect. Long ago, a knight was
> recognized as someone who rode upon a horse, rather than a mule or a
> donkey. A horse is strong and full of energy, and it represents the
> knight's willingness to serve others with courage and dedication. A
> knight mounted on a swift and trustworthy horse could accomplish more
> than a hundred could have done afoot. Such great endeavor is still
> possible for a man or woman who demonstrates the commitment of a
> knight
> in shining armor.
> What is expected of a good knight? That he or she should be noble and
> governed by the virtues of chivalry, but this means more than simply
> being strong and brave, for these qualities alone are rash and
> foolhardy. In addition, a knight in shining armor should demonstrate
> intelligence and prudence in all things. The knight should also pursue
> the cause of justice, but not to the exclusion of mercy and
> compassion.
> As well, a knight should have patience, endurance and tolerance
> without
> limit. All of these attributes should be bound up one with the other,
> for in order to be true to the Code of Chivalry, a knight who has one
> of
> these qualities must have them all, and a knight who lacks one lacks
> the
> others also.
> Why is a chivalrous knight worthy of respect? People who conduct
> themselves with a sense of chivalry bring honor and dignity to
> everyone
> around them, and they convey a sense of trust, reliability and
> security
> to their families, their friends and their community. When a knight in
> shining armor takes on an enterprise, no matter how great or small, he
> or she does so with a pledge of success and integrity. I tell you that
> a
> knight in shining armor who is guided by the Code of Chivalry can
> achieve great things, and inspires others to great achievements as
> well.
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