[DFT] Dragonsfire Tor activites for the week

Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Sun Mar 3 18:09:48 PST 2002

Greetings everyone

Coming this week in Dragonsfire Tor

Wednesday 7pm is the weekly planning meeting for Guardian of the Tor it will
be our 5th session. if you want to be part of the planning of this event
make the meetings.

Thursday  6pm POPULACE!!!!!!! Populace will be in room 21 of the Student
Development Center at Tarlatan University. remind everyone please.

Friday 4pm on.   Those traveling in the caravan with HE Louise Mendenhale,
Seanan and Simone should come by Seanan and Simone's after 4 so that all the
vehicles can get packed and traveling details confirmed.

Saturday 8am Caravan leaves for WAR

A&S for March 14th has been canceled due to A&S minister being at War

Lady Simone Maurian ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net

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