[DFT] heraldry submission status

Seanan mac Tighearnain seanan at elfsea.net
Thu Mar 7 20:34:09 PST 2002

Greetings! Here is an update for those of you with pending heraldic
submissions. I realize the delay on some of these has been long but
our new Asterisk Herald is getting everything straightened out.

Posted in this months Gazette for Kingdom Commentary:
-Ailgenan mac Aeda meic Canann
    new name, new device
-Thora Olafsdottir
    new name, new device
Submitted to Laurel:
-Eoghan mac Cinatha
    new device

-Lord Seanán mac Tighearnáin
-seanan @ elfsea.net
-Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea, ANSTEORRA!

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