[DFT] populace badge

Seanan mac Tighearnain seanan at elfsea.net
Thu Mar 7 21:03:06 PST 2002

We discussed in a populace a month or so ago to either modify the
(unregisterable) badge we have been using or to possibly create a
new badge to identify the Tor. If anyone has any suggestions they
would like considered post them to the list and I'll have them checked
for viability and conflicts while the populace can give their

Here are some options that I have been researching:

1) (keeping it simple) per fess embattled gules and azure

2)per fess embattled gules and azure a triangle issuant from the
    line of division Or

3)per fess embattled Or and azure a mountain issuant from the
    line of division Gules

Questions? Comments? Snide remarks???


-Lord Seanán mac Tighearnáin
-seanan @ elfsea.net
-Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea, ANSTEORRA!

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