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Jennifer Saxton coyote_girl000 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 14:24:42 PST 2002

Howdy from your Minnesota expatriate!

I know that I'm not really part of the Tor anymore,
but I took a look at your badges--I really like two
and three--for what it's worth.  But two's my

Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying what has to
be better weather than here....

About to spawn any second,

--- Seanan mac Tighearnain <seanan at elfsea.net> wrote:
> Greetings,
> We discussed in a populace a month or so ago to
> either modify the
> (unregisterable) badge we have been using or to
> possibly create a
> new badge to identify the Tor. If anyone has any
> suggestions they
> would like considered post them to the list and I'll
> have them checked
> for viability and conflicts while the populace can
> give their
> opinions.
> Here are some options that I have been researching:
> 1) (keeping it simple) per fess embattled gules and
> azure
> http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/test-badge.gif
> 2)per fess embattled gules and azure a triangle
> issuant from the
>     line of division Or
> http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/test-badge1.gif
> 3)per fess embattled Or and azure a mountain issuant
> from the
>     line of division Gules
> http://dragonsfire-tor.ansteorra.org/test-badge2.gif
> Questions? Comments? Snide remarks???
> -Seanan
> ----
> -Lord Seanán mac Tighearnáin
> -seanan @ elfsea.net
> -Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea, ANSTEORRA!
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