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Chris Davidson CDavidson610 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 16:24:40 PST 2002

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I am Chris Davidson the Volunteer Coordinator for this years Guardian of the Tor.

There are lots of places people can help this year at Guardian of the Tor. I  am looking for volunteers in every area at this time. as an incentive we are holding a Volunteer Raffle at this years Guardian Site Set up starts on Thursday the 27th of June the service opportunities start then.

The rules for getting into the raffle are simple.

1. sign up to volunteer. This can be done by contacting me via e-mail, signing up on the guardian website http://guardian.u4l.com, or visiting Volunteer Point on site during the event.

2. completing your volunteer commitment and returning your receipt to Volunteer Point for your ticket.

3. you receive one ticket for every 2 hours of time. those who volunteer their time on Thursday and from 10pm to 6am receive double tickets for their time.

4. Autocrats and activity sponsors do not receive tickets for their time they have other goodies coming.

5. feast volunteers do not receive tickets there are 6 kitchen help volunteer spaces and 14 server spaces open. They will receive free feast for their service. Donated by the Broken O Ranch. Space is limited for these volunteers so if you want to volunteer with feast sign up Quickly

I am looking forward to hearing from and serving with many of you

In Service
Chris Davidson

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