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Chris Davidson CDavidson610 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 16:41:55 PST 2002

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I'm Chris Davidson I am also the Prized Coordinator for Guardian of the Tor.

We all like it when we receive lots of neat goodies at events.Were do these goodies come from?  They come from people just like you donating them to the Prize baskets.

If you like seeing the shocked and surprised look on someone's face when they receive their baskets in court to find an interesting yet appropriate gift in their basket, donate one.

If you think it's neat when winners get lots of neat things in their baskets donate lots of neat things.

If you think it's cool when prizes are given are appropriate to the competition won. Donate competition specific prizes.

If you think prizes and largess are Just plain fun, donate some.

If you just like to add to the experience donate a prize.

So you've decided you want to donate prizes to Guardian. How do You get them to me.

e-mail me for my mailing address and send them to me. Give them to the Autocrat for this event the bard everyone knows as Simone. Drop them off at the Guardian planning meetings. At Dragonsfire populace meetings. at Dragonsfire Tor's fighter practice. and if all else fails bring them to Guardian and drop them off at Volunteer Point. (Please do not wait until then unless you have to I might get paranoid)

We need your donations for this years prize baskets

Thank you for your generosity
Chris Davidson

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