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Fri Aug 29 22:10:00 PDT 2003

Janie, Please contact Ron Denton regarding some biz
for the student group. 


--- Ms Pict <dftfeast at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Glad to hear you are ok. My thoughts are with you,
> Janie
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> >Subject: [DFT] Surgery update
> >Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 09:03:04 EDT
> >
> >Well I am back out of the hospital.  Everything
> went well as far as the
> >surgery goes.  I am able to walk some and not in
> too much pain.
> >
> >The real fun started when we went to leave the
> hospital.  Chris had left 
> >the
> >lights on in the car so the battery was dead.  He
> got a jump start and we 
> >got
> >home to find that our electricity had been
> disconnected.  I thought I had
> >until the 3rd of Sept. as that was what the last
> bill said and we never 
> >recieved a
> >termination notice.  Well we got the food from the
> fridge into a cooler and
> >made arrangements to go to the mother in laws
> house.  that is when neither 
> >of
> >the cars would start.  Well we called our friend
> Jeff and he came out in 
> >the
> >wee hours of the morning and took me, Davy, and the
> cooler to his house so 
> >that
> >I can recover in the A/C.  Sam (the baby) and Ryan
> (3) are at grandma's 
> >house
> >so they are taken care of.
> >
> >So far we are ok though.  Hopefully Chris will get
> one of the cars running
> >today and we can sort the rest of it out on the
> first.
> >
> >Talk to ya'll later
> >Thora
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