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  Okay, Okay, Okay,
         I have the REAL questions for the Baronial Candidates. Let's see if they can answer these. From someone with experience:
  Ameline here,

  1: How long have you had the ability to read minds and how sharp is your ESP? 
         Should you be chosen, you must be able to know what people are thinking, when they are thinking it, and why. If you do not perceive what people are angry with you about, and fix it immediately, they will gossip about you to everyone who will listen. Your name will be poopoo. 

  I do not have ESP...I will not know what people are thinking, so people will be angry with me and gossip about me.That is life and I choose to except it and change what I can, befriend whom I can and try to live with the rest. What others think of me is not where I put my self worth.

  2. How many spies have you employed and how many more do you plan to add?
         People will not tell you to your face what is troubling them, they will only tell everyone who will listen. Therefore, you must have ample spies to pretend to gossip about you with them and then come tell you why your name is poopoo. 

  I hope to quell gossip. If I do not fly off the handle and punish those that disagree with me perhaps they are right and I am wrong or  we can come to a mutual place to disagree.Overly strong belligerent opinions lead to the need of spies and gossip. I could be wrong here but I am big enough to talk about it.

  3. Have you buried your opinions yet?
         There will always be someone who will be offended by your opinion. You must learn to keep your opinion to yourself. Instead of agreeing with/disagreeing with anyone, you should use a noncommittal "um". Otherwise, people will say you took so-and-so's side so you must hate what's-it's-face and your name will be poopoo.

  I will not bury my opinion I will tell you what I think. If someone doesn't like it fine, does that make them evil does that make me evil....I think not, it makes us adults who will work out the problem in an adult manner  ....You will only get an "um" from me when I was napping and missed the Question.

  4. Have you ordered your cloak of invisibility?
         You will need to disappear occasionally to get some rest. You phone will ring constantly and you will need to talk with those who need to feel you will listen to them. They will tell you the secrets of the universe and how to solve the worlds (and Elfsea's) problems in a couple of easy steps. Every one will have advice for you. If you do not lend an ear to everyone, your name etc. etc. etc.

  If I can tell my own Mother to let me alone for a day or so, I should think I can tell my friends to give me a day or so for my family.

         Most of you may think I am joking and the answers should be smart aleck answers, but I would like for you to really think about these questions and if you can give intelligent answers to them.
  I hope these are what you wanted.

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