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Sharon Pelfrey sharon at garnetpromotions.com
Tue Mar 2 10:00:09 PST 2004

We are looking at giving the Highland games demo a makeover.  

Your ideas and input are needed. The first phase of this process is a kind of brainstorming.  Please send any ideas you have on what could be done at Highland games.  We will then trim down to what looks good and manageable.  

We need ideas,  this is not the time to debate an ideas merit.  Once we have collected ideas we can then pick and choose the parts we want to use.  Even ideas that are not perfect can spark the imagination.  

For the arts and science tent we are considering reducing to 1 6ft table with single examples of each art.  I would like to emphasize the active guilds.  Then we would like to fill the tent with active arts.  If you have a craft that is portable and would be willing to demo at Highland games please let us know.  

Also we are going to review the handouts.  For this I am asking for input from any one who has experience with ad copy, marketing or brochure design.  Do we have people in the barony who work in the industry or took classes in college?  Would you be willing to help?

Highland games seems like a long way off, but to run things past the populace we have a limited number of moots.

What do you think?

Cassandra Palfrey
Seneschal of Elfsea
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