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>From the Chivalry Today News Desk
By Scott Farrell
©2004, Shining Armor Enterprises

The Code of Chivalry can be found in chronicles of medieval history,
but issues regarding chivalrous behavior and knightly ideals can also
be found in today’s headlines. Here are some recent news stories that
demonstrate what an important role chivalry plays in our world. Follow
the links at the end of each blurb (or cut-and-paste them into your
browser’s address window) to get more details — then discuss and
explore these stories with friends, family members and co-workers as a
means of bringing chivalry to life in the modern world.

Reminding us that faith and courage (two of the knightly virtues) often
go hand-in-hand, the International Women’s Media Foundation has
announced their 2004 “Courage in Journalism” awards. The stories of
these recipients — who have faced assassination attempts, torture,
kidnapping and exile in order to reveal government, religious and
corporate corruption in their home countries — will remind you of what
it really means to be a knight in shining armor in the modern world.
(You can also listen to a riveting radio interview with one of the
recipients, Mabel Rhenfeldt, a reporter who uncovers corruption in
Paraguay, widely acknowledged as the most corrupt and dangerous country
in the world:
http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4114136 )

When a coach or mentor teaches a child that cheating or breaking the
rules under certain circumstances is okay, what is that child really
learning? Can a child (or any of us, really) be expected to keep
dishonest, selfish, predatory behavior “limited” to the baseball
diamond, the football field or the basketball court? This story on the
rising rates of violent behavior among professional athletes reminds us
that we all must take responsibility for promoting chivalry and honor
on the playing field in order to prevent noble athletes from seeing
themselves as pampered prima donnas.

Chivalry vs. success — it’s a dilemma that we’ve all faced. Do you
maintain your integrity at the cost of accomplishment, or do you lie or
cheat and achieve your objective? And (the part of the question that’s
often left out), what’s the long-term effect of the “win at any cost”
philosophy? A new book, “The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science” by
Horace Freeland Jusdon, sheds interesting new light on that question as
he explores the effects of scientists who have tweaked, recast and spun
their data in order to reach personal or political objectives with
their results. Read a review of the book at:

Christopher Reeve defined the modern hero in many ways — both as the
invincible, valiant Superman, and as a vulnerable accident victim who
inspired others by refusing to give up hope. His death on October 10,
2004, gave us all a chance to reflect upon courage and bravery in
today’s world, and to remember that there are still knights in shining
armor who walk (or sit) beside us every day.

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