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vote we definitely check out some of the other sites. Need help? I'm a  great 

I would love to get together to look at sites. Seanan had a few  suggestions 
Could a few of us get together to go alookin'.  I have plans this  weekend 
but might be able to work around the weekend after. Davy has a dentists  
appointment in Dallas on the 12th but Chris may be able to handle that on his  own if 
he can get his mom to watch the little ones. I see what I can work out  and 
let me know when you are available.
I would like it if we could get a couple more people to join us to get a  
good concensus, but if it is just you and me that would be fine.
In Fidelis  Muneris
Thora Olafsdottir
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