[DFT] Guardian questions

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There's no need to call cause the answer is still no. Hehe. Sorry, but no.
Everytime the tractor has left the property something has gone bad. Now grant 
you I will admit maintenance was part my fault on occasion. Anyways.... 
If you do go looking for other sites What is the cantons opinion on one where we could attempt Equestrian again.


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    You might check with Michael. He might be willing to bring his tractor out 
    again for the price of gas.

  I hadn't had a chance to speak with Michael about it but Scotty said that the chances were slim because of some sort of discord between the Russells and the mother in law over the use of the mower last time.  If anyone can get me Michael and Michelle's number number so I could contact them i would appreciate it.

  In Fidelis Muneris
  Thora Olafsdottir


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