[DFT] Offices open for bids

Keith Jefferson scubadoo74 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 22 01:24:55 PST 2005

Hi everyone of the Tor!!!
I have spoken with the Baroness and am stepping down from Seneschal's
Office due to work, training, work, and more work taking all my time. If
you are interested in applying send the following people a hard copy of
the application:
Present Seneschal <me>
Central Regional Seneschal <Philip White>
Elfsea Seneschal
The office for Treasure is also open for bids send your applications to:
Present Seneschal <me>
Present Treasurer <Kristy Delk>
Central Regional Treasurer
All bids are due by the March meeting which since of WAR will be moved
to the 3rd Sunday.
If there are no applicants the canton will be placed dormant for the
first time in 15??? Years.
The B&B have agreed with this decision.
Guyon Dupre
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