[DFT] Offices open for bids

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At this time the Cenral Region Exchequer is Janie Bentley-Cason who can be 
reached at jcason at stvleaze.net.

Thank you,

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>Subject: [DFT] Offices open for bids
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>Hi everyone of the Tor!!!
>I have spoken with the Baroness and am stepping down from Seneschal's
>Office due to work, training, work, and more work taking all my time. If
>you are interested in applying send the following people a hard copy of
>the application:
>Present Seneschal <me>
>Central Regional Seneschal <Philip White>
>Elfsea Seneschal
>The office for Treasure is also open for bids send your applications to:
>Present Seneschal <me>
>Present Treasurer <Kristy Delk>
>Central Regional Treasurer
>All bids are due by the March meeting which since of WAR will be moved
>to the 3rd Sunday.
>If there are no applicants the canton will be placed dormant for the
>first time in 15??? Years.
>The B&B have agreed with this decision.
>Guyon Dupre
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