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Sun Jan 30 21:44:08 PST 2005

Greeting Thora, 

This is coming from an outsider so feel free to tell me to hush any time. 
However, I do know something about the sites you talked about and visited, so 
here goes.

Tres Rios has been under new ownership for about 2 or more years. They have 
really cleaned up and improved the site. The Palaces and conference rooms you 
were talking abut would work well. As for a place for a list field, I don't 
know, most of the open ground has been converted into RV spots. There is a small 
field right behind the owners house that used to be a petting zoo. The rest of 
the amenities are wonderful and the site is beautiful that time of year. I 
think the owners will work on price with you.
Bucks is a cool place. It's right next door to Broken  O and right on the 
river too. Scott is a nice guy but I don't know how he works on pricing groups. 
It's worth a trip or a phone call though. Site is more developed than Broken O.
Fish and Camp, if it is the same place I remember, is owned by the same 
people that own Oakdale Park. My opinion for what it's worth, way too primitive. 
I don't know much about the other sites except the site that last Springfaire 
was at. I like that one but having to hope the barn is finished in time could 
be risky.
Just a thought, they may be too pricey but what about the State Parks or 
Fossil Rim? Oh well, there's my two cents worth. Good Luck!

Yours in Service,
Lady Elizabeth Dabernoune
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