[DFT] Awesome News from Jagermeister

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Mon Jan 31 23:24:03 PST 2005

Greetings Elfsea!

For the benefit of those unable to attend the recent Jagermeister event in 
Fynnon Gath last weekend, I am delighted to share some exciting news. But 
first, on my way to the event, traveling with my herald Lord Seamus (on loan 
to the King for the weekend), we were making good time, until that stretch 
of the King's highway between Bryn Gwlad and Fynnon Gath. What should have 
taken 15 minutes, became more than an hour. At a stand still, Lord Seamus 
jumped out of our wagon and searched for clues that might speed our journey. 
Just ahead of us, he discovered HL Donnel and Richard "Nine Fingers". They 
were not the source of the delay, but the did bring a smile to an otherwise 
tedious beginning. But then on Saturday, Elfsea was well represented by 
young Richard in the Youth division early in the day. Thank you Richard!

Folowing the youth list, the wisdom of His Stellar Majesty, King Ulsted, was 
evident to all as he recognized the prowess and leadership of our good 
friend from Glaslyn and former Arthurian, Louis le Blaireau, with the 
announcement and his elevation to the Order of the Centurions of the Sable 
Star! Vivat, Centurion Louis!!

It was most gratifying to witness this man's elevation, and I only regret 
that more did not have the same good fortunate to be present. Baron Gavin of 
Bonwicke also joined the ranks of the Centurions at this event. Vivat, 
Centurion Gavin!!

Now, in addition to the recognition shown to these fine gentles, as long 
time supporters of and leaders in our fighting community, there is yet more 
news. As is often the case, an individual exhibits the characteristics of a 
station, long before recognition of it is granted. Such is the case with 
Centurion Louis. I have witnessed Centurion Louis providing training to 
youth combats at events and fighter practices, as well as guidance to more 
elderly fighters, eh, hum, the old and new alike. One of the newer is also a 
new member of Elfsea's baronial guard, our own Arias "De La Villa Lobo".

The Jagermeister event was conducted as a Swiss five with no shields in any 
round. The rounds were: Glaive, Florentine, Single sword, Spear and finally 
Great Sword. Between the 1st and 2nd rounds, Centurion (though at the time 
still Lord) Louis attended by his lady, HL Afan and Arais' lady, Teraesa, 
publically took Arias as his shieldman in the middle of the list field. 
Centurion Louis commented to me that he had skirted tradition slightly, in 
that such an association was usually announced following the individual's 
first loss on the day, but young Arias had won his 1st bout. No matter, for 
as it turned out, Centurion Louis would have waited long indeed. You see, 
Arias, who is new to our fighting community with relatively few months of 
practice, and this his first tournament, went undefeated in ALL five 
rounds!!!  And before this day, he had never fought any style other than 
sword and shield.

Now it must be said that he may have had a little help from the King, 
because before the list was concluded, His Majesty interrupted the 
tournament with an unscheduled court where Arias received the Sable Falcon 
of Ansteorra!!! (I did mention that His Majesty is wise.) Inspirational to 
be sure, but unquestionably deserved as Arias' bouts were formidable. And 
though I cannot recall all of his pairings, I know that Centurion Ysfael was 
counted among them. In the end, Optio Liam Gordon also went undefeated and 
the title of Jagermeister was determined by a game of "Ogre Ball". Arias and 
Liam served as captains, chose teams and proceeded to field a 8 fighters 
each (with alternates rotating in) whose goal was to move a roughly 50 pound 
sheep beyond a line at their opponent's end of the field, while 
simultaneously employing melee weapons, tactics and typical resurrection 
rules of engagement. Quite entertaining and though Optio Liam ultimately 
claimed the title of Jagermeister (Congratulations Liam), Arias represented 
Elfsea incredibly well and I encourage one and all to congratulate him when 
next your paths cross. Congratulations Arias! Well done!

In the service of kingdom, crown and barony, I remain,
HE Armand Dragonetti
Baron of Elfsea 

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